Computational Cluster

of the Theoretical Department of INR RAS



  1. The Fermi LAT view of the colliding wind binaries
    Maxim S. Pshirkov
  2. Semiclassical description of soliton-antisoliton pair production in particle collisions
    S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov
  3. High-energy limit of collision-induced false vacuum decay
    S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov
  4. Gamma-ray halo around the M31 galaxy as seen by the Fermi LAT
    M.S. Pshirkov, V.V. Vasiliev, K.A. Postnov
  5. Revisiting variable gamma-ray sky at 1 GeV with 6 years of Fermi-LAT data
    M.S. Pshirkov, G.I. Rubtsov


  1. Sgoldstino-Higgs mixing in models with low-scale supersymmetry breaking
    K.O. Astapov, S.V. Demidov
  2. Time stretching of the GeV emission of GRBs: Fermi-LAT data vs geometrical model
    M. Piskunov, G. Rubtsov
  3. Constraining the extension of a possible gamma-ray halo of 3C 279 from 2008-2014 solar occultations
    E. Kotelnikov, G. Rubtsov, S. Troitsky
  4. Neutrinos in IceCube from AGN's
    O. Kalashev, D. Semikov, I. Tkachev
  5. IceCube astrophysical neutrinos without a spectral cutoff and (10^15-10^17) eV cosmic gamma radiation
    O.E. Kalashev, S.V. Troitsky
  6. Blind search for radio-quiet and radio-loud gamma-ray pulsars with Fermi-LAT data
    G.I. Rubtsov, E.V. Sokolova
    Pis'ma v ZhETF 100:787-792, 2014, arXiv:1406.0608
  7. Revisiting constraints on (pseudo)conformal Universe with Planck data
    S. Ramazanov, G. Rubtsov


  1. Constraining anisotropic models of early Universe with WMAP9 data
    S. Ramazanov, G. Rubtsov
    Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 043517
  2. Constraints on millicharged particles from Planck
    A.D. Dolgov, S.L. Dubovsky, G.I. Rubtsov, I.I. Tkachev
    Phys.Rev. D88 (2013) 117701
  3. Upper limit on the flux of photons with energies above 10^19 eV using the Telescope Array surface detector
    T. Abu-Zayyad et al. [Telescope Array collaboration]
    Phys.Rev. D88 (2013) 112005
  4. Search for muon signal from dark matter annihilations in the Sun with the Baksan Underground Scintillator Telescope for 24.12 years
    M.M. Boliev, S.V. Demidov, S.P. Mikheyev, O.V. Suvorova
    JCAP 1309 (2013) 019 [arXiv:1301.1138]
  5. Thermal neutron flux produced by EAS at various altitudes
    Yu. V. Stenkin, V. V. Alekseenko, D. M. Gromushkin, Liu Ye, A. Xin-Hua, Zhao Jing
    Chinese Physics C Vol. 37, No. 1 (2013) 015001
  6. Limits on spin-dependent WIMP-proton cross-sections from the neutrino experiment at the Baksan Underground Scintillator Telescope
    O. Suvorova, M. Boliev, S. Demidov, S. Mikheyev
    PoS DSU2012 (2012) 043. [arXiv:1211.2545]


  1. Towards a model of population of astrophysical sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
    O.E. Kalashev, K.V. Ptitsyna, S.V. Troitsky
    Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 063005. [arXiv:1207.2859]
  2. Statistical anisotropy of CMB as a probe of conformal rolling scenario
    S. R. Ramazanov, G. I. Rubtsov
    JCAP 1205:033, 2012. [arXiv:1202.4357]
  3. Variable gamma-ray sky at 1 GeV
    M. S. Pshirkov, G. I. Rubtsov
    J.Exp.Theor.Phys. 116 (2013) 59-70. [arXiv:1201.3625]
  4. GRB observations by Fermi LAT revisited: new candidates found
    G. I. Rubtsov, M. S. Pshirkov, P. G. Tinyakov
    Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.Lett. 421 (2012) L14-L18 [arXiv:1104.5476]
  5. Analytical five-loop expressions for the renormalization group QED beta-function in different renormalization schemes
    A. L. Kataev, S. A. Larin
    Pisma v ZhETF, vol.96, iss. 1, (2012), pp.64-66. [arXiv:1205.2810]


  1. Gamma-Ray Constraints on Maximum Cosmogenic Neutrino Fluxes and UHECR Source Evolution Models
    G. B. Gelmini, O. Kalashev, D. V. Semikoz
    JCAP 1201 (2012) 044. [arXiv:1107.1672]
  2. Soliton pair creation in classical wave scattering
    S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov
    JHEP 1106 (2011) 016. [arXiv:1103.2133]
  3. Soliton-antisoliton pair production in particle collisions
    S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 071601 (2011) [arXiv:1103.0013]
  4. Joint analysis of spectral reactor neutrino experiments
    V.V. Sinev


  1. Invisible Higgs in weak bosons associative production with heavy quarks at LHC
    S.V. Demidov, E.E. Boos, D.S. Gorbunov
  2. Soliton-antisoliton production in particle collisions
    S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov
  3. Invisible Higgs in weak bosons associative production with heavy quarks at LHC: probing mass and width
    E.E. Boos, S.V. Demidov, D.S. Gorbunov
  4. Annihilation of NMSSM neutralinos in the Sun and neutrino telescope limits
    S. Demidov, O. Suvorova,
    JCAP06:018, 2010. [arXiv:1006.0872]
  5. Constraints on the flux of primary cosmic-ray photons at energies E > 10^18 eV from Yakutsk muon data
    A.V. Glushkov, I.T. Makarov, M.I.Pravdin, I.E. Sleptsov, D.S. Gorbunov, G.I. Rubtsov, S.V. Troitsky
    Phys. Rev. D82:041101, 2010. [arXiv:0907.0374]


  1. Pulse shape discrimination studies with a Broad-Energy Germanium detector for signal identification and background suppression in the GERDA double beta decay experiment
    D. Budjas, M.B. Heider, O. Chkvorets, N. Khanbekov, S. Schonert
    JINST 4:P10007, 2009. [arXiv:0909.4044]
  2. Title: The Confinement Property in SU(3) Gauge Theory
    A.V. Zayakin, J. Rafelski
    Phys. Rev. D80:034024, 2009. [arXiv:0905.2317]
  3. Energy transport via coordination bonds
    V.M. Kasyanenko, Z. Lin, G.I. Rubtsov, J.P. Donahue, I.V. Rubtsov
    J. Chem. Phys. 131:154508, 2009.
  4. Long quantum transition times due to unstable semiclassical dynamics
    D.G. Levkov, A.G. Panin.
    Phys. Rev. A 80:052110, 2009. [arXiv:0903.3916].
  5. Double Pair Production by Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Photons
    S.V. Demidov, O.E. Kalashev
    J. Exp. Theor. Phys. 108:764, 2009
  6. Nonlocal Gluon Condensate from the Dyson--Schwinger Equations
    A. V. Zayakin, J. Rafelski
  7. Sensitivity of cosmic-ray experiments to ultra-high-energy photons: reconstruction of the spectrum and limits on the superheavy dark matter
    O.E. Kalashev, G.I. Rubtsov, S.V. Troitsky
    Phys. Rev. D80:103006, 2009. [arXiv:0812.1020]
  8. Signatures of unstable semiclassical trajectories in tunneling.
    D.G. Levkov, A.G. Panin, S.M. Sibiryakov.
    J. Phys.A:Math.Theor.42:205102, 2009. [arXiv:0811.3391]


  1. On the interpretation of the cosmic-ray anisotropy at ultra-high energies
    D.S. Gorbunov, P.G. Tinyakov, I.I. Tkachev, S.V. Troitsky
  2. Comment on "Correlation of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays with Nearby Extragalactic Objects"
    Dmitry Gorbunov, Peter Tinyakov, Igor Tkachev, Sergey Troitsky
    JETP Lett. 87:461,2008. [arXiv:0711.4060]
  3. Global anisotropy of arrival directions of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays: capabilities of space-based detectors
    O.E. Kalashev, B.A. Khrenov, P. Klimov, S. Sharakin, S.V. Troitsky
    JCAP 0803:003, 2008. [arXiv:0710.1382]
  4. Muon content of ultra-high-energy air showers: Yakutsk data versus simulations
    A.V. Glushkov, I.T. Makarov, M.I. Pravdin, I.E. Sleptsov, D.S. Gorbunov, G.I. Rubtsov, S.V.Troitsky
    JETP Lett. 87:190-194, 2008. [arXiv:0710.5508]


  1. Unstable Semiclassical Trajectories in Tunneling.
    D.G. Levkov, A.G. Panin, S.M. Sibiryakov.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 99:170407, 2007. [arXiv:0707.0433]
  2. Air-shower simulations with and without thinning: artificial fluctuations and their suppression
    D.S. Gorbunov, G.I. Rubtsov, S.V. Troitsky
    Phys. Rev. D76:043004, 2007. [arXiv:astro-ph/0703546]
  3. No-thinning simulations of extensive air showers and small scale fluctuations at the ground level
    V.A. Kuzmin, G.I. Rubtsov
    JETP Lett. 85:535, 2007. [arXiv:astro-ph/0702527]
  4. Complex trajectories in chaotic dynamical tunneling.
    D.G. Levkov, A.G. Panin, S.M. Sibiryakov.
    Phys. Rev. E76:046209,2007. [nlin/0701063]
  5. Constraining the fraction of primary gamma rays at ultra-high energies from the muon data of the Yakutsk extensive-air-shower array
    A.V. Glushkov, D.S. Gorbunov, I.T. Makarov, M.I. Pravdin, G.I. Rubtsov, I.E. Sleptsov, S.V. Troitsky
    JETP Lett. 85:131, 2007. [arXiv:astro-ph/0701245]
  6. Towards event-by-event studies of the ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray composition
    D.S. Gorbunov, G.I. Rubtsov, S.V. Troitsky
    Astropart. Phys. 28:28, 2007
  7. Non-minimal Split Supersymmetry
    S. V. Demidov, D. S. Gorbunov
    JHEP 0702:055, 2007. [arXiv:hep-ph/0612368]
  8. Shining light through the Sun
    M. Fairbairn, T. Rashba, S. Troitsky
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 98:201801, 2007. [arXiv:astro-ph/0610844]